The Deadliest Sin

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  4. The ‘Deadly Sin’: The Positive and Negative Power of Pride

That is, the worst There is also an audio edition of the full text, read by Colin Mace and published by Whole Story Audio Books click the link to go their web site, where you can listen to an excerpt. The programme Prologue - in which the pilgrims arrive at the Angel Inn. The first sin - in which I tell a tale of Lust. The second sin - in which Ian Morson tells a tale of Greed. The third sin - in which Ian Morson tells a tale of Gluttony.

The fifth sin - in which Philip Gooden tells a tale of Anger. It is the givers, not the takers, whom we admire. For me, gluttony trumps sloth. By the time breakfast is over, I will have begun to plan dinner. I run to keep my weight in check—in other words, I run to eat.

Pastor Robert Morris - Ten Deadly Sins

More than a fifth of British and American adults are obese, but gym membership stays high. We get fat or we work the fat off. I have written often about the sins of the fathers, the failures of previous generations to foresee or prevent calamity. Surely it is our immense gluttony: food photographed like porn, celebrity cooks, supermarkets stuffed with imported foods, forced out of season.


We, the middle classes, dress up our gluttony as refinement: we are not gluttons, but gourmets. Choice is the byword of the modern glutton. The vegan and the vegetarian, dining on goji berries and red quinoa, quaffing soy lattes made with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans, are no less gluttonous for all that they wear the robes of moral superiority. I spend some of my time in west Africa where choices are fewer. In our family village most people are subsistence farmers and meals are shared and eaten from the same dish.

Off the coast nearby, Japanese factory trawlers heave tonnes of fish from the ocean, leaving little for local fishermen. In small doses sloth is survivable. But on a national scale it can be lethal. We are all part of a community; each of us needs to play our part for that system to remain healthy. Sloth is forgetting that your actions have an impact on others. Once you erode that sense, your own quality of life is affected as well. You can cause damage by colluding with complacency. The sin of sloth is not caring, not noticing, not doing. It is because of sloth that some 3.

Ideally parents should be taking care of their children and putting their needs first. But there is no excuse for political sloth, the way one government after another has failed to protect kids against significant harm. At Kids Company, where I work, a study of our service users by University College London showed that one in five of our children had at some point been shot at or stabbed.

Life-threatening neighbourhood adversity is one dimension of the threat. The other presents as futility and despair.

See a Problem?

The biggest cause of death for young men around the world is suicide. This situation can be repaired.

Classic Symptoms of Self-Righteousness

Children would not choose it. Neither should we. The desire to dominate our fellow human beings is innate.

Envy is the deadliest sin - Winnipeg Free Press

You see it among young children. Three-year-olds boss around their younger siblings, shoving them, grabbing their toys, ordering them to act as the pet dog or Egyptian slave in a game of make-believe. Some adults are just as bad, though usually more subtle. Some bosses force interns to run personal errands for them, just because they can. Some managers build empires rather than better products. Some petty officials flex their bureaucratic muscles because they find it deeply, sinfully pleasurable to bend others to their will. Since the most powerful organisations in the world are governments, politics naturally attracts those who most crave power.

The ‘Deadly Sin’: The Positive and Negative Power of Pride

And if history has taught us anything, it is that lust is only ever satiated temporarily. He punished the slightest hint of dissent with imprisonment or death. Twentieth-century totalitarian leaders amassed power on a scale that past emperors could not have imagined.

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Unless [a citizen] is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Communism failed because Karl Marx never understood how corrupting and intoxicating power can be. Constitutional democracies are built on a sounder understanding of human nature: we build checks and balances to restrain our leaders.

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    The Big Question. The original septet has been with us for aeons. But which is the worst sin today?