Stolz, der in die Hölle führt (German Edition)

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Dir will ich abfahren;. Mit dir will ich endlich schweben. The original contains fifteen stanzas, so that only a small portion of them have come to us in English translation. Hymnbook of the Missouri Synod contains all fifteen stanzas in good English translation. Likewise, the whole hymn, translated by Dr. Matthias Loy, is found in the Ev.

The Book of Contemplation

Hymnal of the Ohio Synod. Notes on Gerhardt may be found under No. Meine Hoffnung stehet feste.

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The date and place of the birth of William Kethe, the author of this hymn, are unknown. He was an exile from Scotland for some time during the Marian persecutions; at Frankfort in and at Geneva in During this exile he contributed twenty-four metrical psalms to the Psalm Book prepared by these English refugees and also helped in the translation of the Bible. In he was made rector of Childe Okeford, Dorset, and probably remained there until his death, about The doxology was added. Whether to retain the question-mark after For why?

We retained it, as it is in keeping with the quaintness of the entire text. Dem Gott, der alle Wunder tut,. Dem Gott, der allen Jammer stlilt. Was unser Gott geschaffen hat,. Das will er auch erhalten,. Mit seiner Gnade walten. Ist alles recht und alles gleich. Ich rief dem Herrn in meiner Not:. Ach Gott, vernimm mein Schreien! Da half mein Heffer mir vom Tod. Und liess mir Trost gedeihen. Ach danket, danket Gott mit mir! Der Herr ist noch und nimmer nicht.

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Von seinem Volk geschieden,. Er bleibet ihre Zuversicht,. Ihr Segen, Heil und Frieden. Die Seinen stetig hin und her. Ihr, die ihr Christi Namen nennt,. Ihr, die ihr Gottes Macht bekennt,. Gebt unserm Gott die Ehre! Der Herr ist Gott, der Herr ist Gott! So kommet vor sein Angesicht. Mit jauchzenvollem Springen,. Bezahlet die gelobte Pflicht. Gott hat es alles wohl bedacht. Und alles, alles recht gemacht.

Download PDF The Book of Contemplation: Islam and the Crusades (Penguin Classics)

Koch says that this one hymn is worth more than a hundred others, and calls it a classic hymn of first rank, which gained great favor as soon as it was published. Rieger, of Stuttgart, while cast upon his deathbed, found great comfort in this hymn; likewise the famous jurist and professor, J. Our English translation is by Miss Frances E.

The ninth stanza of the original is omitted. It was rendered into Danish by H. Brorson and was published in Troens rare Klenodie , This translation was revised by W. See: O Jesus Christ, all praise to Thee. Our cento is composed of Stanzas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and The omitted Stanzas 6 to 11, according to the version of , are as follows:.

Dull Sleep of Sense me to deprive,. I am but half my time alive;. Let it not hold me long in Chains. And now and then let lose my Heart,. The faster Sleep the Senses binds,. O may my soul, from matter free,.

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O when shall I in endless Day,. Forever chase dark Sleep away,. And Hymns with the Supernal Choir. O may my Guardian while I sleep. Close to my Bed his Vigils keep,. His Love Angelical instill. May he Celestial Joys rehearse,.

The Flying Dutchman

And thought to thought with me converse. Or in my stead all the Night long,. Sing to my God a Grateful Song. The hymn appeared first in The Bible Hymn Book, It is very extensively used in England and America. Ihr Menschen in der Welt,. Dem dersen Lob der Engel Heer. Ermuntert euch und singt mit Schall.

Der uns von Mutterleibe an. Und, wo kein Mensch nicht helfen kann,.

Doch bleibet gutes Muts,. Erfrische Geist und Sinn. Er lasse seinen Frieden ruhn. In Israelis Land,. Sei es stets unser Heil. Our version omits the following stanzas:. His love and goodness may He let. In and around us be.

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All that may frighten us and fret. He giveth His beloved sleep.